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Zoom Meetings for Booked Appointments

Zoom Meetings for Booked Appointments integrates your Zoom Meetings with Booked Appointments scheduling plugin using WooCommerce which you can get from here. This plugin acts as a connector between your Booked Appointments and Zoom Meetings. You can easily choose to create your Zoom meetings for your appointments created using Booked plugin.

Feature Highlights

Automate, create and book your Zoom Meetings from your WordPress site using WooCommerce with Booked Appointments

Meeting Links in email and Shortcode

Users will get join links in order email as well as [booked-appointments] native Booked plugin shortcode.


Choose host for Booking Product

Choose which host should host the Zoom Meeting if the created product is booked. Chosen user will be used as the host for the booking.


Guest or Registered Capability

You can choose any Booking type. Will work with Guest as well as registered Booking. This plugin also works with manually approved or automatically approved bookings.


Group Bookings

You can now have the capability to allow multiple users into the same meeting. If multiple users book the same time slot then all users with same time will receive same links.


When you add a product from “Products” section.

  1. Check product as “Booked Appointment service
  2. Goto Zoom tab and check “Enable Zoom Meeting” option.
  3. Select which host to assign new meetings.


Goto wp-admin > Appointments > Custom Fields

  • Choose the product you want to allow your users to book.

You are done !

Based on the product chosen at the time of Booking, that host will be used to create the meeting.

Yes, if multiple people choose same time of the Booking then it can be considered as group booking meaning that all people with same time will get same meeting link.

Currently, plugin does not support editing appointment time after a booking is done. Meaning that Zoom meeting time will not change based on the meeting re-scheduling from backend setting.

*** Zoom Meetings integration for Booked Appointments ***

2021.02.01 – 1.1.8
Feature: Manually created Appointments will now create a Zoom Meeting

2020.11.02 – 1.1.7
* Feature: Allow users to change host of a product.

2020.10.24 – 1.1.6
* Fix: Trailing comma error.

2020.10.24 – 1.1.5
* Fix: Denote compatibility with version 2.3.0 of the plugin

2020.09.21 – 1.1.4
* Fixed: Added a dropdown message when selecting host which sometimes results in host not being selected after update.
* Added: Error Email if host for the Product is not selected. Email is sent to Administrator.
* Added: WPML Support
* Fixed: Join links in the email not showing when auto approved.

2020.08.14 – 1.1.3
* Feature: Added Join via Browser link in WC e-mail

2020.07.16 – 1.1.2
* Added: Start Links in wp-admin

2020.07.08 – 1.1.1
* Zip file issue with renaming

2020.07.04 – 1.1.0
* Added: Zoom Links for E-mail

2020.05.24 – version 1.0.1/version 1.0.2
* Added: Guest Booking
* Bug Fixes

2020.04.23 – version 1.0.0
* Initial Beta Release

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