Zoom OAuth for WordPress

Please find the “Video Conferencing with Zoom” test files. We will update in WordPress repository later with other new features.

Hi Everyone,
Today I am going to talk about the new Zoom OAuth feature that is implemented in the the “Video Conferencing with Zoom” WordPress plugin.

Here in the backend, you have a JWT setup with API Key and API Secret Key.
With this, you can list your Zoom live meetings, Create Meetings and Link products with Meetings with WooCoommerce Extension.

Now, we can do the same functionality, with Zoom OAuth connection too. This will help the Administrator to remain connected with Zoom, without the use of API Keys. It is simple click and connect method which I think will benefit, in user experience.

Here you can see the user, connecting with JWT method, and all of his meeetings listed.

Now, we will be using OAuth, to do so, we can simply choose the OAuth option and click on the “Connect Zoom” button.

You will then be redirected to the Zoom, so that you can authorize the application to use some of you Zoom information. After authorizing, you are now connected with Zoom
and you will see this “Revoke Access” button.

And then, once you are connected, you can do all sort of things that you were able to do before, using JWT method only this time, you do not have to use your API keys.

Now, you can see the same user connected and the live meetings of the newly connected user like so.

Note, you can “Revoke the Access” anytime, by clicking this button.

Thank you guys. It was a short introduction. See you soon.