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WooCommerce bookings has a nifty feature of sending reminder emails to the customers. Unfortunately adding more details or other info to the reminders is not that straight forward.

For instance, it would be convenient to send the link to join a Zoom Meeting along with the reminder email. This tutorial will cover how to do that.

To add more details to your reminder email – you need to change the file woocommerce-bookings/emails/custommer-booking–reminder.php this comes from the WooCommerce Bookings plugin. However DO NOT directly make changes to that file as future updates will overwrite them.

Location for reminder email template for WooCommerce Bookings

Instead copy the file to a folder named woocommerce-bookings/emails in your child theme (if you don’t have a child theme it’s recommended to have one )

Once the file has been copied to the child theme we are free to make our changes here. Now let’s add the join via app and join via browser links.

If you open up customer-booking-reminder.php you will see that the information is being showed in a table. So lets append our code to the end of this, right before the closing </tbody> tag.

The code in question is : here the first part is the code to be added and the second part is an example of our implementation on our dev site.

The end result will be :