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Typesense Search for WooCommerce

Typesense Search for WooCommerce is a premium addon for the free Search with Typesense plugin.

The addon supercharges your WooCommerce site search functionality with Typesense providing search-as-you-type experience. Product searching will be instant and super fast which enhances user experience on your site.

Moreover it provides filtering and sorting options which are faster and instantaneous than the default ones provided by WooCommerce. It acts as a bridge between your WooCommerce site and Typesense search engine.

Premium Features

Lightning fast search for your WooCommerce site, powered by Typesense.

Lightning-fast Product Search

The plugin turbocharges your WooCommerce site's search functionality with Typesense providing search-as-you-type experience. Provides search result within miliseconds.


Replace Shop Page

By default, the shop page is replaced with the search box and result provided by the plugin with fast filtering and sorting options which are swifter than the default widgets provided by WooCommerce


Autocompletion search

Autocomplete search provides the instant drop-down list of product results as you type. You can replace WooCommerce search widget and block to provide a quick intuitive search form that users can get instant results.


WPML Compatible

Compatible with WPML - to provide multi-lingual - fast - e-commerce experience,

WPML Compatible

Developer Friendly

The addon is coded with security and coding standards in mind. It provides hooks and filter for customization and template overwriting for design customization.

Group 20@2x

*** Typesense Search for WooCommerce Changelog ***

= 1.3.8 July 20, 2022 =
* Enhancement: Chunk single index.js file into different chunks: autocomplete and instant-search; and only load them when required

= 1.3.7 July 13, 2022 =
* Enhancement: Add filter `cm_tsfwc_additional_autocomplete_params` to add additional parameters for autocomplete

= 1.3.6 July 12, 2022 =
* Enhancement: Add filter `cm_tsfwc_additional_search_params` to add additional parameters

= 1.3.5 July 11, 2022 =
* Enhancement: Add option to change category menu to hierarchical menu

= 1.3.4 May 23, 2022 =
* Dev Enhancement: Made plugin ready for multiple-site same cluster configuration

= 1.3.3 May 19, 2022 =
* Minor Fix: Update text domain for product attribute label

= 1.3.2 May 19, 2022 =
* WPML Fix: Sprintf incorrectly used.

= 1.3.1 May 18,2022 =
* Enhancement: Index products when stock is reduced

= 1.3.0 Apr 24, 2022 =
* Dev Enhancement: Switch to action hooks for templating for granular control
* Dev Enhancement: Javascript validation for missing facets / widgets

= 1.2.9 Apr 15, 2022 =
* Enhancement: WPML made query label translatable

= 1.2.8 Apr 13, 2022 =
* Dev Enhancement: Analytics Middleware added, so 3rd party developers can retrieve current search state and send to 3rd party analytics

= 1.2.7 Apr 12, 2022 =
* WPML Support: Make currentRefinements and clearRefinements translatable\”

= 1.2.6 Apr 11, 2022 =
* Dev Enhancement: add cm_tsfwc_locate_template filter to allow 3rd party plugin and page builders to allow editing templates

= 1.2.5 Apr 4, 2022 =
* Enhancement: Add filters to change facet settings and facet types
* Enhancement: Make it compatible with free update by changing filter `cm_typesense_available_post_types` to `cm_typesense_available_index_types`

= 1.2.4 March 31, 2022 =
* Enhancement: WPML support for product attributes and custom taxonomy

= 1.2.3 March 28, 2022 =
* Enhancement: WPML Support for Bulk Index, front end string localization

= 1.2.2 March 24, 2022 =
* Fix: Pagination not working when WPML is added

= 1.2.1 March 22, 2022 =
* Fix: Default sort by not selected

= 1.2.0 March 22, 2022 =
* Enhancement : WPML Compatibility added

= 1.1.2 March 18, 2022 =
* Fix: Sort By not working
* Enhancement: Let users choose default sort by
* Make strings translatable

= 1.1.1 February 16, 2022 =
* Theme compat changes for themes that modify woocommerce_loop_start

= 1.1.0 February 11, 2022 =
* Dev: Update styling to be compatible with version 1.2.3 of core plugin

= 1.0.1 February 9, 2022 =
* Change \”hijack\” word to \”replace\”

= 1.0.0 February 2, 2022 =
* Initial Release

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