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Dokan Integration for Zoom

This integration enables you to create and manage meeting/webinars using Dokan dashboard. Users can create meetings from their Dokan dashboard in frontend. Administrator can separate different zoom users to different WordPress users as well. Supported recurrings as well as registrations meetings and webinars.

Feature Highlights

Create, Manage and Link Zoom Meetings with Products

Create Zoom Meetings via Frontend

Frontend interface – to create and manage Zoom Meetings for Vendors using Dokan.


Connecting a Zoom Meeting

A Zoom tab will be added inside each product like in the backend to link your Zoom meetings to your product via Dokan vendor section.


Vendor Assignment

Assign your Vendors as your Zoom Account hosts. You’ll need to add sub-accounts to your main Zoom Account to show your users in Zoom side, which will allow you to link your Zoom User as a WordPress user.


Documentation can be found here

If you are looking for purchasable WooCommerce products or Zoom Meetings then see here

*** Dokan Integration for Zoom Changelog ***

2024.02.24 – Version 1.1.8
* Fix: Incompatible Archive Error with WordPress 6.4.3

2022.12.30 – Version 1.1.5
* Fixed: Fatal error: Uncaught ArgumentCountError in enable_zoom_fields due to Dokan main plugin not passing the same parameters to the action hook \”dokan_new_product_form\”

2022.08.17 – Version 1.1.4
* Fixed: Add new booking page – If vendor is assigned to zoom user then default zoom user will be selected.

2022.08.10 – Version 1.1.3
* Fixed: Issue with vendor needing to select host again when trying to create a booking product after a zoom user has been assigned to vendor.
* Added: Additional Tabs for Zoom Meetings on vendor dashboard.
* Added: Filter datatable.

2022.07.19 – Version 1.1.2
* Fixed: Made woocommerce bookings template compatible with latest version of dokan integration for woocommerce bookings.

2022.07.14 – Version 1.1.1
* Added: Zoom meeting details in \”manage bookings\” section.

2022.06.27 – Version 1.1.0
* Added: Support for recurring meetings and registration on frontend Dokan dashboard.
* Fixes: Bug fixes

2021.08.12 – Version 1.0.6
* Fix: Dependency check error handling refactored

2021.04.01 – Version 1.0.5
* Fix: Case sensitive: bootstrap to Bootstrap

2021.03.01 – Version 1.0.4
* Fix: Only show fields when needed

2021.03.01 – Version 1.0.3
* WooCommerce Bookings compatibility added

2021.02.15 – Version 1.0.2
* Vendor Assignment added

2021.02.12 – Version 1.0.1
* Licensing issues resolved

2021.02.12 – Version 1.0.0
* Release of Version 1.0.0

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