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Important Update: Changes to Join Via Browser Links in Video Conferencing with Zoom API

Dear Valued Users,

We would like to inform you about a critical and backward-incompatible change in our latest update, version 4.3.0, of the Video Conferencing with Zoom API plugin. This change has been implemented to enhance the security of “join via browser” links, but it brings about an important side effect:

What’s Changing?

With this major update, the functionality of “join via browser” links has been substantially modified. While this change is essential for improved security, it also means that previously generated “join via browser” links will no longer function as expected.

Impact on Premium Plugin Users:

If you are utilizing any of our premium plugins, such as Zoom Integration for WooCommerce, Zoom for WooCommerce Appointments, or Zoom for WooCommerce and Bookings, please take note. This change will affect all customers who have been receiving “join via browser” links in their order emails.

No Quick Fix Available:

Given that this alteration involves a fundamental shift in the core plugin’s behavior, we regret to inform you that there isn’t an immediate quick-fix solution at hand.

Recommended Actions:

To address this situation and ensure minimal disruption for your customers, we suggest the following steps:

  1. Resend “Join Via App” Links: We recommend resending “join via app” links to all your existing customers. These links will allow them to join them via the new meeting links.
  2. Delay Updating: If feasible, consider postponing any updates to version 4.3.0 and beyond until all your previously generated meetings have been completed. This approach will enable you to manage your ongoing engagements without encountering the modified behavior.

Our Apologies:

We understand the inconvenience this change may cause, and we sincerely apologize for any disruption it may bring to your operations. Please know that we are fully committed to continuously enhancing our products to better serve your needs.

Your satisfaction remains our top priority, and we appreciate your understanding and continued support.

Thank you for choosing Video Conferencing with Zoom API.

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