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  • Billed once per year, 1 time

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    Webex for WooCommerce

    Introducing Webex for WooCommerce – Your Ultimate Meeting Sales Solution!
    Unlock the power of WooCommerce and Cisco Webex with our cutting-edge plugin – Webex for WooCommerce. Seamlessly integrate your virtual meetings into your online store and supercharge your sales like never before. Now, you can effortlessly sell your Webex meetings and webinars directly through your WooCommerce platform, providing your customers with an unparalleled virtual collaboration experience.

    Key Benefits & Features

    Webex for WooCommerce is the ultimate solution for businesses and professionals looking to monetize their expertise and foster engaging virtual interactions with customers. So, why wait? Elevate your WooCommerce store to the next level with Webex for WooCommerce and take your meeting sales to new heights.

    Simple Integration

    With just a few clicks, connect your Webex account to WooCommerce and start selling your meetings instantly. No complicated setups or technical knowledge required.


    Flexible Meeting Options

    Offer a range of meeting types – one-on-one consultations, group conferences, webinars, and more. Tailor your offerings to suit the needs of different customers.


    Secure Payment Gateways

    Rest easy knowing that your customers’ transactions are safe and secure. Webex for WooCommerce supports multiple payment gateways, giving your clients a variety of options to complete their purchases.


    Real-time Availability

    Display your meeting schedule in real-time, allowing customers to select from available slots that suit their preferences, leading to increased bookings and higher customer satisfaction.


    Personalized Experience

    Customize your meeting listings with details, such as meeting descriptions, presenter bios, and meeting agendas, to give your customers a clear understanding of what they can expect from each session.


    Customer Dashboard

    Provide your customers with a user-friendly dashboard where they can manage their bookings, reschedule meetings (if applicable), and access important meeting information effortlessly.


    Automated Meeting Invites

    Say goodbye to manual meeting invite generation. Our plugin automatically sends out Webex meeting invitations to customers after successful purchases, saving you time and ensuring a seamless customer experience.


    Automatic Reminders

    Reduce no-shows with automated reminders sent to your customers before their scheduled meetings, ensuring they never miss out on valuable sessions.


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