Making Recordings Paid Only using Zoom Integration for WooCommerce

You can make your pre-recorded Zoom meetings paid by multiple ways using a subscription plugin or a membership plugin. However, we have created this documentation Zoom Integration for WooCommerce plugin. Check this post to see how to integrate using only Paid Membership Pro.

NOTE: This method applies to Recordings of a Meeting which is purchased by a user.

Using Zoom Integration for WooCommerce plugin

For this method you will require below plugins to be installed:

  1. Integration for WooCommerce plugin
  2. Video conferencing with Zoom plugin

After you have installed both plugins and set them up properly follow below instructions.

If you already have a meeting which has recordings as a post type on your site ( i.e wp-admin > Zoom Meeting > All Meetings ) then you do not need to follow below step.

Importing Meetings with Recordings to your WordPress site:

If you do not have recorded meetings in your WordPress site already then you’ll need to import that meeting to your site first. To do so goto wp-admin > Zoom Meeting > Import and do the following.


After you have successfully imported the meeting to your WordPress site goto wp-admin > Zoom Meeting > All Meetings > Edit the meeting which was imported.

Linking Meeting to WooCommerce Product

Navigate down to WooCommerce Integration box and check “Enable Purchase” and set the desired price for the meeting.


Check this documentation on linking WooCommerce product a Zoom Meeting.

After linking a Zoom Meeting post to a product when a user buys the product user will have access to that meeting’s recording on his/her accounts page.

For example:

My Account Recordings