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Video Conferencing with Zoom API – Version 4.0.0 Release Notes

We are excited to announce that version 4.0.0 of Video Conferencing with Zoom API is launched, version 4.0.0 is a major update and we encourage you to backup your current site – before updating.

JWT Deprecation and Switch to Server-to-Server OAuth App type + SDK App type

Zoom is deprecating JWT App Type – starting June, 2023. You can see the Zoom release here JWT App Type Deprecation FAQ , in response the plugin will transition to new Server-to-Server OAuth app type and SDK app type (required for Web SDK support)

Switching to the new Server-to-Server OAuth type will not effect any of the plugin functionality.
The one additional requirement is that for Join via Browser functionality ( Web SDK ) – the new SDK app type credentials will be required.

For older users – once they update to Version 4.0.0 – they will be prompted with a message highlighting the new switch to OAuth and the impending JWT key Deprecation

JWT to Server-to-Server OAuth + Web SDK Migration notice

For new users – the migration notice as well as the option to add JWT keys will not be present.

Finally – if you have any issues or queries regarding any of the updates,
Please reach out to us via https://www.codemanas.com/support/ for all premium plugin queries
We look forward to hear from you.

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  1. The Zoom conference plugin works really well. There are some unanswered questions in the documentation,i.e. all the ways to start a meeting. There appears to be a bug or at least I may not be doing things correctly. I cannot see my host camera when I create a meeting in Zoom.us app and launch the newly created meeting from zoom.us app outside of wordpress- what happened? Your plug in seems much better and easier to use and understand than other plugins Looking forward to a prompt response thank you

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