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Zoom integration with WooCommerce Product Vendors

With the new 2.1.0 update for Zoom meetings for WooCommerce, it will now fully support WooCommerce Product Vendors. Zoom integration with WooCommerce product vendors will be best solution for people who use the WooCommerce Product Vendors product in order to manage their multivendor marketplace. While we are also working on making our plugins fully compatible with other Vendor marketplace such as WCFM, Dokan etc this is our first step.

Documentation can be found at our Documentation Forum

While this plugin includes all functionalities provided by default WooCommerce plugin it now adds the functionality to work with Vendors as well.

Let’s quickly wrap this up with some functionality highlights:

This update allows you to

  • Allow vendors to manually create own meetings and link them to products.
  • Vendors won’t see other vendors meetings.
  • Vendors won’t be able to select host at the time of creating a meeting as admin will assign them.
  • Allow admin to link vendor and zoom account
  • Vendors will be able to link their Zoom Meetings and sell it from their shop

More information in Documentation Forum

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