Grouped Meetings for WooCommerce Bookings

As of version 2.1.0 of the Zoom Integration for WooCommerce Bookings multiple user who book the same time will get the same link.

Users can now book same time-slots and be in the same meeting with this change. Previously, it used to be only 1-1 booking even if you had set the max per block to greater than 1.

You can change the slots per block as shown in above screenshot.

We are thrilled to announce this change and love to hear your feedbacks on how it works for you. This will no longer create new meetings on that same time. Instead all users will get the same meeting link.

Interested in making your Zoom Meetings paid ?

Check out our approach in making your WooCommerce Bookings into your Zoom Meetings Booking using Zoom Integration for WooCommerce Bookings  plugin.

This requires our free version of the plugin as well which is Video Conferencing with Zoom

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