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Using WooCommerce Bookings to reserve Zoom Meetings

In this guide, we’ll guide you on how to make your WooCommerce Bookings plugin suitable for appointments or managing online meetings just to give you an idea of how you can manage your meeting or appointments via WooCommerce Bookings plugin.

Our Requirement ( Let’s Assume )

  1. Let’s assume we sell digital good.
  2. Our site is based on consultation.
  3. So, we give consultation to people directly via video conversation.
  4. So, WooCommerce Bookings comes in place here.
  5. Another thing is that you as an admin, or other admin needs to have control over all the activities.
  6. So, you need to create WooCommerce Bookings product here and assign a user to the product. So, that user will receive emails accordingly.
  7. Now, you need a Video conversation software which is reliable and secure and can be easily accessed anywhere.

Now, Scenario is:

  1. Customer comes in wanting to consult for let’s say, How to get started with Web Development
  2. Customer needs to select time slots according to his/her preference.
  3. Cost should be displayed and meetings should have a buffer period to remove overbooking the vendor.

Solution with WooCommerce Bookings:

For requirements and above scenario, we can easily tackle such situation with WooCommerce Bookings and get in some Bookings.

Step 1: Create a Booking Product First.

Add new product ‹ WooCommerce — WordPress

Here above, select hours of booking process needed. Hours and Minutes are most preferable ones. Since, it will define exact time.

Step 2: Set Availability to your product

Bookings Availablity

Above you can select advanced availability option based on your vendor. These will all reflect in frontend display of the WooCommerce Booking product.

Step 3: Goto “Costs” tab and then add your cost to the product

Step 4: Link a Video Conferencing tool to connect meeting with product.

Download video conferencing with zoom api which uses zoom to create meeting in zoom and take advantage of it. However, this plugin is for manual process. If you want to add meetings in the product, with this plugin you can use shortcode and paste it to product description page and so on.

To automate meeting creation process, you’ll need this plugin. This plugin allows you to create zoom meeting on the fly and link it directly to the WooCommerce Booking product page.

WooCommerce Zoom

In above screenshot, you can see “Zoom” option is added in product edit page. This allows you to assign any host to your Booking Product.

Note: Vendor will get email with join link as well and so as the customer.

Step 5: Customer Booking Process

Now, in frontend below screenshot would show. Customer would select a suitable time slot and book the product.


Order Completed and Join links are Generated

After order is completed or processed. Meeting links are created for the booking where customer and vendor can meetup on the same time.

My account – WooCommerce

See above, this is on the customer’s side of the My Accounts Page.

For admin or host, email should be received accordingly or Start links are created and shown in the wp-admin > Bookings page as well.

Bookings ‹ WooCommerce — WordPress

In the above screenshot, you can see start links are created but for products which are not processed, meetings are not created for them.


Hope these above points made you thought some ideas for yourselves. This above is how you configure your product to integrate meetings and appointments using WooCommerce Booking alongside Zoom integration for WooCommerce Booking plugin.

Let us know if you think otherwise ! Feedbacks are appreciated.

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