Zoom Solution for your WordPress site

With the start of 2020 people have slowly began to realize that virtual conference is a very much underestimated topic and since the whole world is facing COVID pandemic, it has become critical for businesses to have virtual meetings for the daily tasks to be continued.

So, here are our takes on Zoom Meetings and Webinar Solution for your WordPress site where you can easily integrate Zoom into your site and get started without needing to login to Zoom every time to create a meeting or hell even make your meetings purchasable so that you can sell to other people around the globe take subscription fees.

Let’s get started.

First thing’s first. You’ll need to download a WordPress plugin from your WordPress site. Simply goto plugins section and search for “Video Conferencing with Zoom”Install and activate or check out this link to simply download the plugin to your computer.

Now, after you have installed the plugin first, you’ll need to setup your Zoom Account for the plugin. This is done so that your Zoom Account is connected to your Website via “Video Conferencing with Zoom” plugin. Now,  to get your API keys from Zoom follow the steps from our Documentation Page. After you have added your keys and validated if the connection is valid then now its time to get started by creating some meetings through your WordPress site directly.

Now, goto wp-admin > Zoom Meeting and Add New page. Add your meeting title. Select your meeting date and timezones and simply hit publish. After that view the page you should see a below type of page with countdown.

Zoom Meeting Page

Great job ! Now you are successfully hosting your meeting directly from your WordPress site. Your users can directly join via browser or join via app with simply a click of a button through this page and so on.

But for people who run a WooCommerce site and want to sell their meetings what can they do ?

Zoom WooCommerce Integration

If you are interested in selling your meetings to others via WooCommerce then check out our Zoom integration for WooCommerce plugin which allows you to link your Zoom meeting to your products. Converting them to purchasable Zoom Meetings. This supports WooCommerce product vendors as well which allows you to assign Zoom host based on WordPress user.

For more detail you can view this WooCommerce Integration Documentation.

Zoom WooCommerce Bookings Integration

Now, for those who are interested in making booking reservations via Zoom directly we have you covered for that as well. You can do so with our Zoom for WooCommerce Bookings plugin which allows you to automate your Zoom Meeting based on per Booking. You can either choose to do a single per person Booking or a Group Booking.

For more details on this you can checkout this Zoom for WooCommerce Bookings Documentation.

Zoom WCFM Integration

For those using WCFM as well as vendors we have built Zoom for WCFM. You can get this plugin from here.

For more details and documentation on this checkout Zoom for WCFM documentation.

Zoom for Booked Appointments

For people who use Booked Appointments instead of WooCommerce Bookings since it’s a bit costly. We have integration built for Booked Appointments as well. This also works same as how WooCommerce Bookings work. You can automate your Zoom meetings for a single reservation/appointment or groups.

You can get our Zoom for Booked Appointments from here.

For more details and documentation on this checkout Zoom for Booked Appointments Documentation.

Zoom WooCommerce Appointments

Now, finally for people who have been waiting for WooCommerce Appointments by BookingWP. We have closely worked with BookingWP to get this up and running. This allows you to automate your Zoom Meetings alongside WooCommerce Appointments plugin.

You can get this plugin from our Zoom WooCommerce Appointments integration page.

For more details check out here.

These above solves the perfect solution for your Zoom environment in WordPress. Making it purchasable as well as making it bookable and appoint able. 

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  1. I am using Video Conferencing with Zoom, Zoom for WooCommerce Appointments and WooCommerce Appointing plugins.
    How to make the scheduled conference between the staff and the client start automatically without the involvement of the administrator.

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